We can help you turn your ideas and stories into engaging video content

Video is one of the most direct and effective ways to communicate ideas and stories to a wide audience. Whether you need to film a live event, interview a stakeholder or develop branded content for social media – ginja ninja know how to help.

Live Events

We shoot live events like theatre, music and presentations using multi-cam setups to help capture the moment
Examples of Live Events

Talking Heads

We create doco-style content around interview footage to help tell your stories using the voices of the people involved
Examples of Talking Heads

Scripted Pieces

We work with you to develop story-based ideas so that they can be fleshed out and communicated clearly for your team
Examples of Scripted Pieces


We can pick up an existing project, cut together a reel of previous work or create a new story using only animated elements
Examples of Post-Production

Check out some of our favourite video content 

Some of our clients and what they had to say about working with us

“Amber is the consummate professional. She has an exceptional eye for detail, is an astute director and talented editor and is one of the most well-organised creatives I have ever worked with.”
Clara Iaccarino, MakeBeLIVE Productions
‘Amber made the entire production process simple for us and her on-going suggestions greatly improved the quality and impact of our pieces. Right from the very earliest stages of working together we became confident in Amber’s skills and creative input. Amber’s calm and professional attitude quickly put people at ease during interviews and made our job easier.’
Shane Norrish, Landcare Australia